The fall is starting to line up with showcases and songwriting and I couldn’t be more excited. Be sure to stay tuned to Instagram and Facebook along the way to see the latest updates.

September 26th I’ll be back at Night Owl in Toronto for the 10th North County Line Showcase (more info and tickets to come). It’s going to be a blast so make sure you save the date! Show usually starts around 8pm and tickets should be available on the Night Owl FB page soon!

January 2019
North County Line

October 4th At The Cavern, we’ll be adding a few covers and new songs into the mix! Joining me will be Chelsea Danielle, and Greg Williams. These two talented friends are complete knock outs on stage and I can’t wait for you all to hear them. Tickets are available now online (click here) for $10, price will go up to $15 at the door so grab them now and save yourselves some drink money!

Get ready friends because on March 7th the Gents, Tim and Kerry, will be making their debut with me at the Cavern for our first ever full band show! While I’ve loved playing acoustically over the past little while there are just some songs I’ve written, with a band in mind, that I can’t wait for you to hear full sound. We’ve been in rehearsals over the past few months and are excited to get loud with you all. My good friends Tay Sera and St Homer will also be joining us for the evening! Tickets available on RedPine. See you soon!