Making Your Dream a Reality – In 3 Easy Steps

So you have a dream or maybe even many dreams, perhaps you want to write a book, win a grammy, become an architect, a blogger, a real estate agent, a photographer, learn to play a song on the guitar, run a half or full marathon, or build your own business to name a few. Do you ever feel so baffled by the ambiguity of a dream you don’t know where to start? Dreams can sometimes seem ambiguous and lofty, but with the right plan they can also become a reality. For me, my dream for as long as I can remember was to be an artist: a full time singer songwriter and musician. I wanted it more than anything but kept getting stuck knowing exactly to start and what I needed to do. Then after completing my undergrad in Business Management, working coordinating large conferences, and tackling some other dreams I learned the secret to success. I learned to make my dreams manageable by breaking them down into steps through working backwards. I created the below Vlog and resources (PDF and Google Sheet) to help illustrate this process in hopes that it may help a few of you unpack your dreams too. If you find you’d like to go through the process with me let me know, I’m thinking about opening up some coaching sessions if anyone is interested!

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