Boots & Hearts 2019 Emerging Artist Audition

Each year filming a Boots & Hearts Audition is one of my favourite experiences, as it not only gives me the opportunity to capture where I am, but, it also reminds me of how far I’ve come. Therefore, I am excited to present to you my 2019 Boots & Hearts Audition featuring Boot Stompin’, a song I wrote after my first Boots & Hearts experience. Boot Stompin’, came to me in pieces and was one of the first songs I wrote that I knew would need to be played with a full band. It started with me hearing the opening for about two years before the rest of the song finally fell into place. I hope the video and song gets you ready for a summer filled with Country Music, late nights and of course Boot Stompin’.

Video Credits:

Artist: Amberlea Bruch
Acoustic Guitar: Amberlea Bruch
Lead Guitar: Hayden French (Swift Arrow Music)
Bass: Tim Hance
Drums: Tim Popek
Song Written By: Amberlea Bruch & Kerry Allen

Audio Production By: Goodday/Badday Productions
Video Production By: James P. Hoban & Ross McIntyre

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